About me

Hello, I’m Isabelle Brinan, my stage name is Izzy B Uke.
I am 22 years old, Psychology graduate and a singer/songwriter. I started playing the ukulele in 2014 after struggling with heavy anxiety: it gave me a new purpose in life. 

I started writing songs around 2015 ago on my Rubin RT-600 which has further helped me in more ways that I ever could have even imagined.
Since then I have recorded and released my first album ‘Growing Pains’ thanks to the support of Crowdfunder.

I thoroughly enjoy and am deeply passionate about the ukulele, my original songs are very much about experiences that I’ve had in my own life, can be fun, fast paced, or quiet and vulnerable much as the rollercoaster of life. I admit, I still struggle with my feelings of anxiety, but thanks to my ukulele and the amount of lovely people I have met on my musical journey, I know that I’m worth something.
I’m just a girl doing what I love.

You can find me on facebook and youtube via Izzy B Uke